Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Meet. Hang out. Gather.

Experience our Old Avondale Lawn Space

Gather on the Green

Take yourself back to a simpler time. Our Gather On The Green space, nestled in the heart of where the old Avondale | Chicopee textile mill life once bustled, offers families and friends a place to enjoy the gardens, play area, benches, picnic tables and vintage refurbished swings.

This public space is purposed to honor those that came before us and celebrate their hard work ethic that developed small mill town life. It’s a simpler place and time that is now part of Walhalla’s rich history. While our small-town souls still long for the vintage simplicity of our history, we are left with the space alone that is now dedicated to celebrating such a special era. So, come, reminisce and relax with us.

To reserve a Gather Space, please call us at (864) 916-9601


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Gather 205 purposes their location to serve to build, nourish, and create new energy, talents, and treasures. For this purpose, a community events calendar hosted by Gather205 lives here and we often usher in aspiring artists, musicians, makers, and builders to allow them to leverage our location as a platform for their own growth for the community to enjoy free entertainment and festivities.

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