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About Us

An oasis from your daily grind

Gather’s Story

The house at 205 South John Street sits on the old Avondale and Chicopee mill site, which was located across John Street. Built in the 1890s, the house was used originally to house a mill superintendent’s family. During the 1970s the building was extended and used for the mill office. Prior to the cotton mill, the site contained a distillery and the Kaufmann Beer Garden.

The idea for Gather 205 started out as my need for space for my furniture reclamation business and my love for this historic, handsome and neglected building, which I was able to purchase in 2018. After taking possession, I quickly realized the building demanded more than just being used for a workshop and storage facility.

After lots of discussion, planning and hard work, Gather 205 emerged as it is now - a beautiful multi-functioning space that provides visitors with a calm and inviting space to spend their time.

Visitors can browse our retail showroom, where we offer our repurposed and reclaimed vintage furniture, along with a wide range of home décor, accessories and gift items. Or, you can grab a quick coffee and sweets in our canteen or enjoy a long lunch. We offer simple but good food items, at reasonable prices.

We boast Walhalla’s only Italian made espresso machine and offer just about any coffee drink you can imagine. We also offer beer and wine and have a wonderful newly constructed deck overlooking the lawn, perfect for unwinding.

Whether you’re on your own or with a large group, you will find Gather 205 to be an oasis from your daily grind. We aim to provide each visitor with a friendly and relaxing environment. Stay with us for a few minutes or hang out all day.

Going forward, we are looking to develop the Green at Gather 205 – this will feature a stage area and dining space in the lot between the parking area and Branch Street. Also on the agenda is the construction of “sleeping” houses to provide visitors to Walhalla a place to stay while they enjoy the local attractions.

Greg’s Story

Local native, Greg Harris, shares the vintage enthusiasm and passion for German heritage because the immigrants that made Walhalla their home happen to be his ancestors. His passion to honor the mill history and celebrate the courage of those that came before him to make this area rich with culture and community, are the reason he took the Avondale Chicopee mill building and transformed it into a place to build, nourish, and create a vision that will generate growth and improvements for generations to come.

Greg’s passion for people and community are captured in the refurbishment and repurposing of this establishment and the ongoing projects for the land around it. Known for his signature furnishings and ability to repurpose vintage furniture, Gather205 is the new home for one of the Upstate’s most coveted furniture market showrooms.

The Walhalla Foundation

Welcome to the “Why” behind Gather205. Gather205 is passionate about transforming old into new, but with even greater purpose to build stronger community and create a culture that will transcend. The best way to honor how far we have come is to celebrate those that came before us who worked hard by fostering initiatives that accelerate new growth with an appreciation for what’s left behind to be repurposed and or preserved. To us, this means strengthening, supporting and working with community organizations and businesses that desire to work better together to build upon the rich history and beautiful resource that makes Walhalla, South Carolina and transform this amazing area into more than just a historic town, towards becoming a destination with national draw. Our establishment serves to create an atmosphere for artists, makers and craftsmen to market their businesses and grow their market concepts by leveraging the resources our establishment offers as well as the network of community support in progress at Gather205.

Our areas of focus include working with partners to recognize historic places, support our partners that manage grant programs to partner in preservation, support the private sector investment in the rehabilitation and re-use of historic buildings, preserve architectural, engineering, and landscape collections that play a strong role in our heritage and all efforts that promote heritage tourism.

We believe there are people of all ages, ethnicities, and economies that will get involved and we are glad you found Gather205!